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Television Host, German Angel

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Has been sober for nearly three decades. He speaks openly about his past struggles with alcohol. Now a Public voice calling to action to prevent and reduce underage drinking.

Mr. German Angel is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of the Angel Saving Lives Foundation. Other key duties include fundraising, marketing, and community outreach and reports directly to the Board of Directors.

German is the first Hispanic public television producer to win the "Long Beach Award" twice, during the 20th and 21st Annual Awards for excellence in producing multi-cultural community oriented television for Frontier Communications channel 41 and Spectrum Communications channel 32 in the city of Long Beach.

German has achieved local recognition for his ability to conduct on-air interviews and participating in public appearances like the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, Tournament of Roses Parade, Walk of Fame Star Unveiling and Hollywood Christmas Parade.

German's versatility and people skills have brought him a variety of unique experiences. He has worked as a Labor Mediator, Internet Consultant, and Radio Host and now he is engaged with the social media YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to promote content. German is the new Spanish television talk show host of Enfoque Social.

German Angel has been very lucky to work on a wide variety of projects, including two long-run public television shows. In 1991, he created a janitorial company becoming one of the most successful cleaning companies in Los Angeles.

In 2000, he started a transportation company designated to driver customers for a night out, business trips, events, errands, and ride to a doctor's appointment and back, in the comfort of their own car. He has worked as a Labor Mediator, Internet Consultant, Radio Host and has even served as Principal for a Day at Wilson High School, which as been listed in Newsweek in the article, America's Best High Schools.

German Angel was born in Colombia with a humble upbringing, facing alcoholism at a very early age. He was 14 years old when he started drinking, which led him down a destructive and addictive path throughout his youth. He lost many opportunities because of his addiction, but after many years of living in chains, he found sobriety.

German then founded The Angel Saving Lives Foundation (TASLF) as a resource to inform and give a better life to thousands of young people. With the goal of raising awareness of the negative consequences of drinking too much alcohol, he aims to provide strategies that can help prevent over consumption and show other alternatives for enjoyment.

German believe it is important ot empower our younger generation using real life situations. Alcohol is killing Americans at a rate not seen in at least 35 years. According to new federal data, more than 30,700 Americans died from alcohol-induced causes last year, including alcohol poisoning and cirrhosis, which is primarly caused by alcohol use.

German is a very warm, engaging and authentic speaker who uses fun and inspiring techniques to talk openly about his own mental health challenges and additions while working in some of the most exciting industries -- radio and television.

With over 25 years of sobriety, German is no stranger to what it takes to get sober. His sobriety date is August 05, 1991. Since then, he has led many others into their own sobriety. Today, German spends a great deal of time working with spreading the word about strategies for preventing alcohol misuse or abuse.

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